Damian Arikas

Download: Cyclurban+ Lessons Learned report

You can download the Lessons learned report of the 2nd Cyclurban Project (Cyclurban+) here: -> Download Cyclurban+ lessons learned report Find a selection of Cyclurban+ project activities in Bratislava (Slovakia), […]

Cyclurban project to be continued

The first Cyclurban Project will End in February 2020 but with Cyclurban+ we will continue where the first project ended and built on the work already done. Cyclurban+ will be […]

Introduction of Tartu´s cycling strategy

Tartu city is one of the most exemplary cities in Estonia in terms of bicycle use. The city has carried out many different studies and the information concerning bicycle traffic […]

EUKI annual conference 2019 in Berlin

The EUKI programme hosts an annual conference in Berlin that is coming up on the 5th and 6th of March 2019. This event will facilitate an exchange between EUKI projects, […]

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