From mid-February, the inhabitants of Brno have the opportunity to try out cargo bicycles for transporting children or various loads. The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, in cooperation with Cargobikes Czechoslovakia, is bringing a rental scheme to Brno, where bicycles will be rented instead of cars. Dozens of couriers delivering food and couriers delivering packages on cargo bicycles can already be seen in the streets. Now everyone will be able to rent a cargo bicycle.

With a cargo bicycle, one can transport children to kindergarten or carry a variety of loads from shopping to furniture. There are several types of bikes available, from a tricycle with a children’s bench, through a cargo bicycle trailer, to a single-track bike with a front loading area. All bicycles are equipped with an auxiliary electric motor. “Although it doesn’t seem like it, we have a solution for you to transport up to 225 kilograms of cargo at a time, and you don’t have to worry much, because electric motors will help you with the transport,” explains Erik Nálepka, rental manager.

“I am buying a sofa from IKEA, which weighs 70 kilograms and measures two meters in length and one meter in width. I can’t fit in the car and I don’t want to rent a van. In addition, I will replace an hour of driving in columns with a relaxing ride around the river, ”describes rental user Michael Konečný benefits of using a cargo bicycle.

The rental shop operates in Brno and is located in the center of the city. “Anyone, whether an individual or a company, can rent a bike. The loan can be for a few hours or a few days. All you have to do is register at the website and start booking your bike, ”explains Michal Šindelář, project coordinator. After booking, the user will pick up the cargo bicycle at Špitálka, where she will be briefly trained, she will be able to try the bike on the premises, and after the end of the loan she will return it to the same place.

The rental shop in Brno operates thanks to financial support from the German EUKI program, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions and face the climate crisis. There are dozens of similar rental schemes in Germany, and people use cargo bicycles instead of motor vehicles, which produce CO2 emissions. The aim of the rental is to verify how the same concept will work in Brno, the rental will be in operation until July 16.

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