Czech Republic

Recently, cities in the Czech Republic are experiencing prosperity which means that it has never been easier for people to own a car, as it takes just one average monthly salary to buy a used car. Consequently, the number of cars in cities has doubled over the past 20 years and up to 15% of Czech CO2 emissions are generated by car traffic, according to the Czech National Climate Protection Policy.

Frequently cycling is perceived as a nice but not necessary complement by decision makers and as problematic and undesirable by the Czech Police. Car traffic is still treated as a priority among policy makers in Czech municipalities, even though the Czech National Cycling Development Strategy 2013 – 2020 sets the goal to get cycling to make up 10% of the national modal share and for it to make up 25% of the modal share in cities with a flat landscape. As some decision makers and stakeholders in cities are partially aware of the problems due to the high number of cars, parking is now being regulated and active mobility, such as cycling, is starting to be supported increasingly.

Czech Republic
Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation

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