In Slovakia, cycling has a very low share from modal split of everyday rides. An 2017 online survey shows a current modal split of 2% everyday cyclists for Slovakia, even though the country’s national strategy plan is a 10% cycling share by 2020. These numbers are alarming, since the traffic and parking situation in Bratislava is becoming frequently unbearable, affecting the everyday routines of citizens.

The bigger cities have started to understand the need for taking an action for making urban transport system more sustainable, and the need for integrating cycling into their transport policies. This process is at the very beginning but there are currently major urban developments executed and planned, particularly in Bratislava, which offer a huge potential for the creation of bike-friendly urban scenarios. There are first documents and principles for the development of bicycle and pedestrian transport and Bratislava is every year obliged to develop an Action plan for development of bicycle and pedestrian transport for the next year.

Cyclurban partners in Slovakia:
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