The first Cyclurban Project will End in February 2020 but with Cyclurban+ we will continue where the first project ended and built on the work already done. Cyclurban+ will be supported by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI).

Cyclurban+ starts in autumn 2019 with less partners and implementing countries than the first project. Slovakia and Czech Republic will be the new countries of implementation. Our partners from Slovakia Cyclokoalicia and Ideas into Energy had already been a driving part in the first project and with our new Czech partners Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation the new consortium aims to focus more on one European region with more similarities in (cycling)policy, culture, climate and city structures.

The Project

The project „Mobility change, not climate change“ (Cyclurban+) will advance cycling as a measure for sustainable urban mobility and climate mitigation. In particular, the project will look at the current situation and develop measures to strengthen cycling mobility. It will demonstrate how to integrate cycling into municipal strategies in two major cities: Bratislava (Slovakia) and Brno (Czech Republic).

The following measures are planned to support cycling and fill knowledge gaps where this is needed to take better planning decisions:

  • Start a capacity building program on cycling through seminars and an online platform on funding of cycling infrastructure in each country
  • Cycling policy package for Slovakia: Two policy briefs & establishment of an online system of monitoring and preventing cycling accidents
  • Cycling policy package for Czech Republik: Development of a set of national policy recommendations, two policy briefs and a BYPAD audit for Brno
  • Strengthened NGO capacities in both countries by dissemination and exchange


All over the world, urbanization is increasing. More and more people move to- or live in cities. Thus, the necessity to find smart solutions for mobility and transport in metropolitan areas is rapidly growing. A successful fight against climate change implies that traffic-emissions in cities must be kept at low levels while life quality, time efficiency, and health should increase simultaneously. This makes a transformation of urban traffic systems inevitable.

A major role in a climate-friendly urban transportation system will be played by bicycles. There is no other means of urban mobility which is more time-efficient, silent, climate-friendly and healthy. Given that a change in mindsets is slowly taking place and an increasing number of people worldwide are discovering the advantages of cycling, changes are still much too slow in most cities because space is limited and car-centristic thinking is still omnipresent. This way change often ends up in political interest fights. Cyclurban wants to provide concepts for cycling infrastructure and policy recommendations to implement measures for climate friendly cities with high life quality.