Since March 2020, the Cyclurban partner ideas into energy together with a civic association Cycling Coalition and in cooperation with the Slovak Ministry of Transport, has started a survey on financing instruments for cycling infrastructure development.

The aim of the survey that was submitted to Slovak municipalities and self-governing regions is to evaluate the functionality of the current funding system. The activity is supported by the National Cycling Coordinator of Slovakia, Peter Klučka.

The results will be used in the Cyclurban+ project to develop an online platform that supports municipalities in financing cycling infrastructure and other measures. Besides the Slovak Ministry of Transport plans to use the results to adapt its upcoming calls to make them more efficient. The feedback received will be also distributed to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (as an authority managing the Integrated Regional Operational Programme).

With the online platform, the Cyclurban+ project is aiming to provide an overview of national and EU schemes on funding cycling measures in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This will support municipalities and regions to successfully access existing financial support schemes at the local and regional level when developing and upgrading their cycling infrastructure. As many municipalities are not familiar with the existing funding possibilities the Cyclurban+ project aims to give support to municipalities by providing tailored information on an internet platform.

The municipalities and regions are being asked about their capacities for developing sustainable mobility projects as well as their past experiences with funding. Furthermore, their future expectations and suggestions concerning the incentive schemes are being collected. The feedback will also be provided to the Slovak ministries which provide most of the relevant financing schemes so that they can adapt them accordingly.

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