– Deputy Mayor of Bratislava and transport expert

How would your dream city look like regarding traffic/mobility?

“The basis of my dream city and its mobility would be the word “safety”. My dream city is save for everyone, including pedestrians and cyclists, and has a reliable public transport system. That for me is the basis to get people out of their cars and choose a different mode of transportation. Under the narrative of the word “safety”, I see barrier-free and sufficiently wide walkways and as few as collision points as possible.”

Which first steps must be taken in your city Bratislava now to make your mobility vision happen?

“The first steps concern a change in thinking of people who decide about transport. This is an essential basis. These first steps concerns for instance my colleagues from the city hall, but also those from other administrative departments. All those people who are part of the process of permitting new constructions and projects, as the Ministry of Transport, the BSK (The Bratislava Region), construction administration and district authorities who are in charge of appeals. Many decision makers still think that transport related problems can only be solved with cars. Just look at the budgets of the institutions! Most of the money from these budgets is invested in the construction of roads. Development projects around Bratislava are practically only concerned with sufficient parking spaces and leave no space for paths for pedestrians or cyclists.”

What do you think is the biggest problem in your city Bratislava regarding the development of cycling?

“The biggest problem is that we think about cycling and transport only for the past year and don’t take opportunities for improving existing and creating new cycling infrastructure.”

Which is the nicest spot on your everyday route and why?

“For me the most beautiful place is the Old Bridge – I like the view!”