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So far, in most Greek cities cyclists have insufficient space due to parking cars and congested roads. The heat and the strong inclinations in many Greek cities make motorcycles more attractive than bicycles. How Drama can become a bicycle city and why it isn’t one yet, is answered by our Cyclurban experts. They also explain why biking is beneficial to them.

Our Greek Cyclurban Experts:

What would your dream city look like regarding traffic/mobility?

Michael Tassou: “My dream city is friendly and attractive to cyclists, with little environmental pollution and an extensive and coherent cycling network throughout the city. A protected historic center with restricted traffic and cultural, natural and architectural heritage.”                        

Ekaterini Iosifidou: “More friendly to pedestrians and cyclists, with less air and noise pollution.”

Which first steps must be taken in your city now to make your mobility vision happen?

Michael Tassou: “Implementing the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the Municipality of Drama is the key to a successful approach to urban mobility within the city.  These plans are a frame for a step-by-step achievement of the Municipality’s goals.”
Ekaterini Iosifidou: “People should learn to choose cycling as their main transportation mode, both for personal and business purposes. Cities should create new infrastructure that is safer for cyclists. Additional regulations should be implemented in the city center which makes that area car-free.”

What do you think is the biggest problem in your city regarding the development of cycling?

Michael Tassou: “The absence of a cycling network, the lack of safety for cyclists’ and the limited awareness of car drivers towards cyclists.”

Ekaterini Iosifidou: “The absence of actual urban planning, the existence of cars in the city center and the lack of road safety for cyclists.”

What is the most beneficial thing your bicycle gives to you?

Michael Tassou: “Next to saving time and money, my bike offers me recreation fitness.”

Ekaterini Iosifidou: “It is a suitable mode of transportation within the city center, in terms of time efficiency and price. Furthermore,  cycling increases your fitness.”