In preparation for the Cyclurban Slovak National Workshop for municipalities (which took place on the 19th of February 2019), the idea of a national online platform to “boost cycling transport” came up. This had to be a constantly maintained and updated online platform, targeted at Slovak municipalities, which would provide them with a summary of necessary legislative and technical information, financing possibilities and contacts to specialists, in order to make the process of developing new cycling infrastructure (and rebuilding the existing one) as easy as possible.

As it is true in many countries, Slovak municipalities do not always have enough staff to deal with all existing challenges, therefore the development of cycling infrastructure is often not being paid the attention it deserves. The Cyclurban project aims to offer a helping hand and share knowledge and tips, boost cooperation between municipalities and show that building cycling infrastructure is neither expensive nor hard. With the right know-how, measures can have an immense effect, not just in terms of climate mitigation, but also for civil health and to the benefit of the local economy.

Note: All material is written for Slovakian stakeholders and therefore not yet available in English.

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