Cycling in the Czech Republic has a dedicated strategic document (the Cyklostrategie 2013 – 2020), which, due to the time of its creation, covers cycling in a relatively comprehensive way, to some extent anticipating the boom of cycling electromobility. However, at the level of top, framework strategic documents of the central state administration bodies of the Czech Republic, bicycle transport is practically not represented, by default it is mentioned only symbolically or formally.
The topic of transport is strongly present in the ten analyzed top strategic documents from four ministries. However, most of the transport content focuses on road transport (approximately 62%), which significantly dominates other modes of transport, while 1% of the scope of the transport theme is reserved for bicycle transport alone (eg air transport covers 4% and water transport 6% of the range). At the level of top strategic documents, bicycle transport is therefore practically not existent and the state does not regard it as an important part of the transport sector.
What the practical integration of a specific mode of transport into strategic documents can look like is shown by motorized road transport, which is discussed comprehensively and in detail. It is this example of motorized road transport in the strategic documents that is showing, how the state could approach bicycle transport strategically in order to give it not just symbolic, but also practical significance.

Link to the detailed analysis (Czech only).

Author of this text: Michal Šindelář